Machining Services

Our machine shop implements the latest state-of-the-art machinery each year.  We have employed several Flexible Manufacturing Systems (Cells) in our machining facility.  To date, we operate four cells, 24 hours per day, 6 day a week.

Toyoda FH-450S FMS Load Stations


Horizontal Machining

Horizontal Capabilities

Our horizontal machining includes stand alone machines and multiple linear palletized machining systems.  Each of these machines can fit product up to 30" x 30" x 30".  All machines are 4 axis capable.

Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS):

  1. Hitachi Seiki HG400 - 36 Pallet x 3 Machine System (400 mm)
  2. Mori Seiki NH5000 - 6 Pallet x 1 Machine System (500 mm)
  3. Toyoda FH550S - 6 Pallet x 1 Machine System (550 mm)
  4. Toyoda FH450S - 69 Pallet x 3 Machine System (450 mm)

Our shop utilizes both 40 and 50 taper tooling.

In order to support your delivery needs, MGI is now incorporating several standalone horizontal machining centers.  

Standalone Centers consist of:

  • Hitachi Seiki HG400III
  • Makino a51nx

Ours shop consists of the following machinery brands - Toyoda, Mori Seiki, Makino, and Hitachi Seiki HMC's.

Vertical Machining

Vertical Machining Center (VMC)

Vertical Machining Center (VMC)

Vertical Capabilities

Our vertical machining capabilities allow for medium to small size parts.  Our largest table is 60 inch x 30 inch, with 29 inches in the Z direction.  The verticals are all equipped with 4 axis capability and one machine is 5 axis capable.