Lathe Machining (Turning)

Our facility incorporates lathes (turning) and mill-turning, being able to not only work on round parts - but be able to machine them as well.  The concept in our turning department follows the company standard - on the machine once, come off complete.  Whether it be a mill-turn job, bar fed, or the use of a robot to load individual blanks, our internal manufacturing process can support the need.

Our equipment in this department is some of the latest machinery:

  • Mori Seiki NL2500SY
  • Mori Seiki NL1500SY
  • Samsung SL2500BSY
  • Mori Seiki ecoTurn450
  • SNK 60
  • Mori Seiki SL-1A
  • Hardinge Manual Lathe

Our size capability for our lathes is 22" (558 mm) diameter and approximately 20" (508 mm) long.

Tolerances we work with:  ±.0002


Mill - Turning and Automation

Like our turning area, these machines will work on the same physical sizes, only we can incorporate the milling component as well as the turning.  This process is excellent for reducing the number of operations required when you have parts that require both milling and lathe work.