CNC West Magazine does an interview with MGI

The Quest for Productivity

How a Highly Successful Military Aerospace
Manufacturer Achieved Success by Setting its Sights on Increased Productivity.

Story and photos by C. H. Bush, editor

Question: what’s in a nameplate? Answer: a highly successful military aerospace manufacturing company, if you do it right. 
“My father, Glenn Grossman, founded Metalagraphics, Inc. (MGI) in a 2500-sq-ft building in 1975 to manufacture nameplates for the military and commercial aircraft industry,” says David Grossman, company vp, business planner and programmer. “But that was just the beginning. When he started MGI, my father was an air force veteran and a businessman with several years experience with a fortune 500 company. He was ambitious, he knew people in the industry, and he knew how to sell. The result is that today we operate from a modern, 28,000-sq-ft building, we have 56 employees and some of the most advanced manufacturing equipment available in the world.”