Continued Growth in Lathe / Turning Department

We have decided to continue our department growth.  Today we have acquired an addition DMG Mori ECOTurn 450.  This will round out our turning department to include the following:

Lathe / Turning

  • 1 Mori Seiki SL-1A
  • 1 SNK
  • 2 DMG Mori ECOTurn 450's


  • 1 Mori Seiki NL2500SY

  • 1 Mori Seiki NL1500SY

  • 1 Samsung SL2500ASY

Our turning department runs lights-out with the addition of our automation tools.

MGI secures voip service with Mitel

MGI is pleased to announce an agreement with Mitel to supply connectivity and telecom to MGI's multiple locations. This agreement now unites all locations into a single cloud site.  

Implementation has begun. Completion is scheduled for June's month end.  


GlenDee/MGI is an aerospace manufacturing company with its core expertise in machining and sheet metal fabrication. All services offered include turning, lathe, mill-turn, horizontal machining, vertical machining, edm - both sinker and wire, sheet metal fabrication.